Database setups

Datomic has a flexible and powerful palette of options to configure its database systems.

From a Molecule perspective these can be summarized in a configuration matrix of 3 database systems on the left and 3 types of downloads at the top:

Free Starter/Pro Dev-Tools
Peer mem / free mem / dev
Peer Server mem / dev
Dev Local (Cloud) dev-local

The protocols links (free, mem, dev) point to descriptions of various combinations of database system/download that you also see in the side menu.

Database setup projects on Github

All the database setup sample projects are contained in the molecule-database-setups github project that your can

git clone

Each project has a readme with setup instructions and a test that you can run to confirm that the setup works.

Feel free to use the example projects as starting points or templates for your own projects.

Other Storage Services

Several more protocols exist for various Storage Services that Datomic uses to save data to disk. We refer to the Datomic documentation to setup these.