Cannot resolve overloaded method ‘inputMolecule’

When forgetting to explicitly calling m on an input molecule

val inputMolecule = Community.name(?)
inputMolecule("Ben") // will not compile and likely be inferred as an error in your IDE

Input molecule needs to be declared explicitly with the m method

val inputMolecule = m(Community.name(?))
// Now we can apply value to the input molecule

JdbcSQLException: Connection is broken: “java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

Datomic transactor is not running - please start it again, with for instance:

cd <your-datomic-free-distribution>
bin/transactor config/samples/free-transactor-template.properties

cd <your-datomic-starter/pro-distribution>
bin/transactor config/samples/dev-transactor-template.properties

cd <your-datomic-starter/pro-distribution>
bin/run -m datomic.peer-server -h localhost -p 8998 -a k,s -d sampledb,datomic:mem://sampledb

See Database setups for more info.

Configuring shared sourcemaps

Adding the following configuration to a shared project in the build.sbt file makes sure that sourcemaps for shared code are configured even on remote hosts (see explanation):


It just creates problems for the MoleculePlugin when creating jars for the project. After jars from compiled generated molecule source code files have been created, the MoleculePlugin deletes the source files and compiled classes. Something then goes wrong for ScalaJSWeb so that it can’t find the class files:

[error] java.io.FileNotFoundException: /<path...>/shared/.js/target/scala-2.13/classes/db/dsl/MBrainz/Release.class (No such file or directory)

A workaround is to

  • remove .jsConfigure(_.enablePlugins(ScalaJSWeb)) or
  • set moleculeMakeJars := false to leave generated source code as is or
  • find out how to get the two to work together :-)

Gobal / onload

Another similar problem when creating jars from generated source code is when the following configuration is applied to automatically load the server project when running sbt:

Global / onLoad := (Global / onLoad).value.andThen(state => "project server" :: state)

As with the above pitfall, the workaround is the same: skip this setting, set moleculeMakeJars := false or explore how both can co-exist.