To understand how Molecule treats relationships it is valuable to get an idea of how they work in Datomic.

Ref attributes connect entities

A relationship in Datomic is simply when a ref attribute of entity A has an entity B id value. Then there is a relationship from A to B!

In the following example, entity 101 has a ref attribute :Person/home with a value 102. That makes the relationship between entity 101 and entity 102, or that Fred has an Address:

We can illustrate the same data as two entities (groups of facts with a shared entity id) with the link between them:

Card-one relationships

Card-many ref attributes

Since datomic has cardinality many attributes, ref attributes can also be of cardinality many.

We could for instance have a classic Order/LineItems card-many example where the :Order/items card-many ref attribute has two LineItem entity id values 102 and 103:

Card-many relationships