Debug molecules

See debug docs

3 resources helping debugging molecules:

Show Datalog queries and data

All molecule query commands have a corresponding debug command that will print debugging information to console.

  • <molecule>.debugGet
  • <molecule>.debugGetHistory
  • <molecule>.debugGetAsOf(...)
  • <molecule>.debugGetSince(...)
  • <molecule>.debugGetWith(...)

Debug transactions

Transactional operations can be debugged with the following methods:

  • <molecule>.debugSave
  • <molecule>.debugInsert(data...)
  • <molecule>.debugUpdate
  • <entityId>.debugRetract
  • <entityId>.Tx(transactionMolecule).debugRetract
  • debugRetract(entityIds, txMetaDataMolecules*)

Common errors and solutions

List of possible compilation/runtime errors and solutions…


Debug Datalog/data…