Molecule manual

Welcome to the manual for Molecule, the type-safe Scala meta DSL to access the Datomic database.

It’s highly recommended to watch the Molecule videos. This will give you an overview of Molecule and an understanding of the underlying data model of Datomic.

Quick start demo

The fastest way to build some molecules yourself is to clone the molecule-demo github repo and play around with the code in your IDE:

git clone
cd molecule-demo
sbt compile

// open in your IDE
// build more molecules in the App test
// Add some of your own attributes to the schema

sbt compile

// build some molecules with your own attributes!

Setup Molecule in your own project

Setup Molecule in your own project and try modelling your own domain with Molecule.

Study example/core tests

When you have acquired some experience with Molecule you can clone the Molecule repo and dive into the extensive example/core tests. This is where the rubber hits the road and the widest range of capabilities are tested. You can then apply some of the techniques to your own code

git clone
// open in IDE and explore core + tests


A brief Introduction to Molecule…