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    Documentation/API for the Molecule library - a meta DSL for the Datomic database.

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  • package molecule

    Molecule library - a Scala meta-DSL for the Datomic database.

    Molecule library - a Scala meta-DSL for the Datomic database.

    See api package for various api imports to start using Molecule.


    api Molecule API.
    ast Internal Molecule ASTs.
    boilerplate Internal interfaces for auto-generated DSL boilerplate code.
    composition    Builder methods to compose molecules.
    exceptions Exceptions thrown by Molecule.
    expression Attribute expressions and operations.
    facade Molecule facades to Datomic.
    factory Implicit macro methods `m` to instantiate molecules from custom DSL molecule constructs.
    input Input molecules awaiting input.
    macros Internal macros generating molecule code from custom DSL molecule constructs.
    generic Interfaces to generic information about datoms and Datomic database.
    ops Internal operational helpers for transforming DSL to molecule.
    schema Schema definition DSL.
    transform Internal transformers from DSL to Model/Query/Transaction.
    util Internal Java database functions for Datomic.

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  • package facade
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  • package exception
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  • DatomicFacadeException

package exception

Type Members

  1. class DatomicFacadeException extends MoleculeException